Our tailor-made personal financial service has helped simplify and resolve our clients' financial needs. Here is a selection of client testimonials:

S. J. Wigley 

On taking early retirement in 2009, I recognized that I needed imparttial financial advice to help me make best use of my retirement income. This was particularly important as my retirement coincided with a sustained period of economic uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets.

I approached Mr Rawal and he agreed to help review my circumstances and recommend the best route to take to ensure that my needs were met effectively.

Over a number of meetings Mr Rawal spent considerable time explaining our options and the reasoning behind these choices, if we were to ensure that our income was not to be eroded rapidly by inflation and poor investment decisions.

My wife took early retirement the following year and so it became doubly crucial that our investment decisions be the right ones to secure our financial future.

An additional factor was that we wished to ensure that any investment would be not only optimised for performance but also of an ethical nature as far as possible.

Following these reviews, our funds were invested and we have been able to monitor progress easily and access funds when needed.

An annual review meeting has enabled us to discuss progress and make changes to the balance of the investment funds to optimize performance and discuss any queries we have had at the time.

I believe that Mr Rawal's advice and guidance has left us in a significantly better position financially after five years, than if we had relied on conventional savings accounts during this period of very low interest rates and volatility.

S. J. Wigley

Production Manager (Retired)


Sept 2014

Liz Wild 

Ash has transformed my financial future by careful and well-researched investments and by educating me in how I can make my money work for me.

Regular meetings and statements mean that I know what is happening to my investments and Ash explains everything in layman's terms.

A very good reliable service. Ash has a very friendly approach.

Bron Edwards

I contacted Ash because it was very important to me that my money was ethically invested. Ash met with me, discussed all the things - ethical and financial that were important to me and then gave me a plan to invest the money.

My money has now been invested for over six years. Not only is it a great relief to me that the money feels clean, but it's actually earning more than it was before.

Richard Comrie

I have known Ash since 2000. I contacted him shortly after he opened his own business in Mickleover and asked him to look after my financial affairs, such was the confidence that I had in his ability. Over time he has produced some quite outstanding results - beating the market and outperforming market leading unit trusts. Through him, I have been able to benefit from investments that have made a significant contribution to my portfolio. I have total confidence in Ash's talents and retain him to review my personal position on an annual basis.

Brian Scott

Ash has been our financial adviser for over 15 years. During this time, he has proved to be very professional and efficient having always done his research before our meetings. He is diligent regarding attention to detail and importantly, Ash has a caring attitude - being concerned for our welfare as individuals first, and clients second.

We have found that Ash has integrity, helping to educate us with our financial decisions, rather than just try to sell us something that is not in our best interests. The result is a relationship that is mutually beneficial and goes from strength to strength.

Pete Rowley

I have invested with Ash for over fifteen years now. In that time he has thoroughly transformed my financial situation, totally for the better. He has achieved this through his passion, dedicated research, perseverance and years of experience to find the best performing funds. These funds have all been ethical, which is so close to my heart, and his. He has almost been pioneering in finding not only the best funds, but by far and away the most ethical. The performance of these funds has been astonishing considering the current economic climate.

I have total trust in both Ash as a person, and as my financial advisor. If you are looking for an honest, trustworthy, reliable advisor with an exemplary track record, then look no further. Ash is definitely your man. 

David Hulton 

Ash has been my personal financial adviser for over 14 years. Over that time it is clear that he has a knack of readily understanding what motivates people how they view the world. Ash understood my pressures in having ageing parents along with a growing young family.

He is diligent in the extreme, undertakes copious amounts of research, and covers all the bases which lead to sound financial recommendations. Ash conducts himself with undoubtedly high standards backed up with excellent knowledge and professionalism.

I view Ash as a long term fixture in my corner, and look forward to building on the solid financial foundations we have established.

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