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UK Ethical/SRI Investments

Our personal beliefs are the core of our individual personalities. In essence, our beliefs and personal values define who we are.

A record number of investors are not only concerned with making a profit but also how their money is invested, and the effect that their money has on our planet and its inhabitants. Consequently these investors are increasingly investing in Ethical Investments or Environmentally Friendly Investments (also called SRI - Sustainable and Responsible Investments).

Increasing Demand for UK Ethical /SRI Investments

One of the main reasons for such growing interest in ethical investments (apart from an increased awareness) is that many investors are becoming increasingly disillusioned with unethical business practices.

Increased interest in ethical investment or SRI is reinforced by the findings of the EIRIS (Ethical Investment Research Services) who reported in October 2017 that investment in UK Green and Ethical funds had jumped to just over £16 billion. 


European Ethical /SRI Investments

Ethical Investments now comprise a multi trillion Euro industry in both the UK, and in Europe. 

EUROSIF (The European Sustainable Investment Forum)'s survey (published in October 2016) reported that an increasing number of investors across Europe are adopting responsible and sustainable/ethical investment strategies.

Eurosif reported that the total SRI (Sustainable and Responsible Investments) assets under management in Europe is 11,045 trillion (11,045,479 million) Euros.

Research is conducted by EUROSIF every two years.

Ethical Investment Performance

Inspiring Wealth Ltd does not regard ethical investments as a charitable exercise.

The long term objective of an equity investment portfolio should be to make a realistic profit, and Ethical Investment or SRI is no exception.

Ethical investment/SRI is a commercial enterprise not a 'pie in the sky' venture.

Investors mistakenly may be led to believe that they may need to sacrifice performance in order to invest their money according to their ethical principles or beliefs.

This is definitely not the case.

Our ethical investment portfolios have an excellent track record, showing that ethical investments - if chosen carefully - can have creditable long term performance. 

Our bespoke ethical investment portfolios have long disproved the myth that you need to sacrifice performance to stick to your ethical principles, as they have demonstrated with their consistent results.

These results show that despite the worst prolonged financial crisis in living memory, our clients' ethical investment portfolios have performed very well, especially when considering that interest rates on savings accounts have been very low for a number of years.

The performance of our ethical investment portfolios is not accidental. It is as a result of a proven, well established investment process which is comprehensive, robust, flexible and results-orientated (whilst being realistic and practical).

Inspiring Wealth Ltd uses impartial, specialised, sophisticated and dynamic research processes to ascertain; review and develop clients' investment portfolios.

This is with the aim of optimising clients' investment performance potential in accordance with changing personal, financial and stock market circumstances.

Of course, it is important for you as investors to realise that investment performance will vary from time to time (investment values can fall as well as rise).

The main purpose for drawing attention to these issues is to help to dispel a common myth, and show ethical (existing and potential) investors that investing in the right ethical/SRI investments can be substantially profitable in the long term.

Express Your Ethical Values

Moreover, ethical investments present you as individuals, with the unique opportunity to put your own personal thumb print on what your money is used for - both in your lifetime and for generations to come.

Your beliefs for example, may include that rainforests or the environment should not be destroyed; the poor should not be exploited; animals should not be subject to cruelty; human rights should not be infrringed;  that your children and grandchildren deserve to inherit not just your money but a better world as your legacy.

Whatever you believe, it is now possible more than ever before for you to be able to create wealth and shape your financial future without compromising your principles.

Events such the financial crisis, as well as ecological and social disasters (such as Deforestation; Climate Change; Tsunami and the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico) may have affected you financially or personally, and caused you to become disillusioned.

As a result you, like many others may want to influence the way certain companies conduct their business, but feel helpless to do anything about it.

If this is the case, the best way to do this is to invest in companies whose practices are in accordance with your own personal values.

Inspiring Wealth Ltd endeavours to select reputable ethical investments with strong and proven performance track records aligned to genuine ethical principles.

Credible Ethical Investment Advice

Ethical investment is a specialist investment field.

It takes many years of experience and knowledge to familiarise oneself with the necessary detail involved. If you want to optimise your ethical investment experience, you should contact an ethical investment expert who has extensive experience and proven results in this area.

Inspiring Wealth Ltd's expertise in ethical investments is emphasised by having an established track record of successful ethical investment portfolios, having helped to pioneer the Ethical Investment industry into the attractive business and investment proposition it is today.

For example, Inspiring Wealth Ltd's owner, Ash Rawal challenged an article in Moneywise (The UK's best selling personal finance magazine) in 2004 which claimed that strongly screened ethical funds did not perform as well as more loosely screened ethical funds.

Having accepted his perspective, the editors published Ash's views in the June 2004 issue of Moneywise.

Our desire to continually be at the forefront of the Ethical Investment industry is further illustrated by being members of the Ethical Investment Association since 2004.

Inspiring Wealth Ltd has successfully guided investors who have invested millions of pounds into ethical investments.

Over many years, we have consistently illustrated to our clients - who would like to invest according to their ethical and personal values - that investing in ethical investments is a positive experience.

Our clients have been shown that a carefully constructed ethical investment portfolio is capable of outperforming their existing investments; their cash deposits; as well as being in accordance with their investment risk profile.

You can read a selection of our client's ethical investment experiences on the testimonials page.

In addition, we have been members of Greenpeace; The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF); The RSPCA; The RSPB; Tear Fund for many years; as well as support Born Free; Cruelty Free International; Humane Society International; International Fund for Animal Welfare; World Animal Protection; Whale and Dolphin Conservation; and Save The Children.

We have donated and raised tens of thousands of pounds for these and other charities and continue to contribute an increasingly significant sum of money each year.

Therefore, our dedication to ethical investments comes from our deep conviction that we can progressively build our clients' wealth whilst forging a brighter world. 

Inspiring Wealth Ltd offers impartial professional financial advice in relation to Ethical/SRI ISAs; Ethical/SRI OEICS; Ethical/SRI Unit Trusts; Ethical//SRI Investment Bonds; and Ethical/SRI Pensions.

Our ethical investment advice will be considered through face to face appointments (where applicable) across Derby and Derbyshire; the East Midlands; Burton-on-Trent and the surrounding Staffordshire areas.

Advising customers throughout the UK will also be considered.

You will not be charged for the first hour of the initial visit

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The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested.

Past performance is no guide of future performance,

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The value of your income from your investment can go down as well as up.

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